RMCAD CONCRETE TYPE TILES  — This wall installation is made of custom-cast, painted concrete tiles inspired by the modular typeface Fregio Mecano. The shapes are used to create experimental, minimal typography, spelling out the phrase "everything communicates something". I created this installation with a team while working at MATTER. It was commissioned by the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for Typecon 2015.
RMCAD CONCRETE TYPE TOTEMS  —  The concrete Type Totems are made of custom-cast modules, creating three-dimensional forms similar to the tile shapes. We used the modules to bring typography into a new dimension, creating deconstructed, experimental forms of the letters R and G. This project was also installed on the RMCAD campus for Typecon 2016. I worked with a small team at MATTER to design, cast, and build the totems.

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